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All About Fashion, Featuring OoZ Clothing - AUGUST 2015

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Born & Bred Industries -

What Born & Bred Industries think

‚ÄúThese guys are 'oozing' with raw urban talent, producing some sick original street wear 

which is certainly turning a few heads.You may have seen OoZ clothing featured on X Factor 

as worn by Nicholas McDonald and the very talented Tamera Foster and what with Being 

stocked in various shops throughout the UK these guys seem to have all bases covered. 

A combination of quality products and good fan base OoZ clothing certainly has all the 

minerals to be successful. OoZ clothing have a wide range of unisex products available 

and are certainly stocked to cater for any customers needs. 


 Click here to read the full review.. 

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Peak XII - 

12 Week Featured UK Brand

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Steel Her Style - Shereen Cutkelvin (Neon Jungle) 

Shereen Cutkelvin was spotted wearing our 'Paint it black & red' Tee, and featured on Steel her style.

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 Shereen (Neon Jungle)  @Neon_Shereen

Neon Jungle girl band member

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Cheyenne Davide  @CheyenneDavide

MTV/Vevo presenter/ DJ

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Nicholas McDonald  @NickyMcdonald1

Singer/X Factor finalist  

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Tamera Foster  @OfficialTamera

Singer/X Factor finalist

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Charlie Rundle  @Charlie_Mk1


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Jake Quickenden  @JakeQuickenden


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Sophie Mercer  @Sophz_x


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 - Connor & Matt (Kingsland Road) @ConnorKingsland @Matt_Kingsland

Singer/X Factor Finalist/ Kingsland Road band member

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Jes Stretton @Jes_Stretton


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